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Friday, July 12, 2013

The procedure to make a ration card in India!

One of the earliest government documents issued to citizens after the country won independence was the ration card. It was distributed to every person as a part of the implementation of the public distribution system. If you have a ration card you can visit any of the fair price shops that the government have set up throughout the country and obtain essential commodities here for low prices.

In recent times, the importance of ration card for the purpose of buying commodities from the fair price shop has decreased. However, this document is issued by the government and is treated as an important official document. It is accepted as ID proof and address proof in all official arenas. For these reasons, it is important to obtain a ration card in India.

The steps

The steps of obtaining your ration card are as follows:

1.    Go to the circle office near your permanent residence and obtain the application form. A sample can be obtained online so that you have a fair idea of what to expect.

2.    Fill in the form with correct information. Be especially clear about the name and address because your ration card is also accepted as your proof of address in most cases.

3.    Prepare the documents that you will require in order to apply for your ration card. These documents are as follows:
a.    Three passport size photographs of the head of the family. The photo should be attested by a gazette officer, a municipal official, MP or MLA.
b.    Two photographs of your family group, also attested.
c.    Proof of residence
                        i.    Tax receipts
                        ii.    House or flat registration documents
                        iii.    Note from the landlord if you are living on rent
                        iv.    Utility bills like electricity or telephone
                   v.    In the absence of any of the above documentary proof, you have to produce two independent witnesses who can verify where you live.

4.    Submit all these relevant documents and the form to the circle office. They generally accept submission between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm.

5.    Next, a random check is performed by the officers of the circle office to make sure that you live where you claim to live. Officers make unannounced visit to your premises for the purpose.

6.    Once the verification is complete, your documents will be forwarded for processing. It is supposed to take 15 days for you to get your ration card. However, it frequently takes more than a month.

A few important points

In connection with applying and getting your own ration card, here are a few important points to know:

·         If you do not have a ration card or your name is not included in anybody else’s card, then only can you apply for your own ration card.

·         For a family sharing a common kitchen, individual ration card are not issued. Instead, a single family ration card is issued. It includes the names of all the family members.

·         Ration card verification is a process where bribery is common. If you face such a situation, you should complain to the authorities.

·         Fake ration card is a major problem in India. They are often used as proof during nefarious activities.

·         For this reason, even if you do not use your ration card, you should keep it with you in a safe place. Otherwise, it will be used for wrong purposes.

·         If your ration card is damaged, destroyed or lost, it should be reported to the police.

In near future, in order to tackle the problem of the fake cards, some governments may issue biometric ration cards.

If you are an NRI in need of a PAN card from India, or if you would like another form of ID proof, you can start here:


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