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Saturday, May 4, 2013

How do you update your PAN card with your new foreign address?

An NRI is an Indian who is now living abroad but use to live in India. Sometimes they have obtained there Pan card while living in India and use the Indian address. Now that they have moved abroad, there is a question about updating your foreign address. This also gives you a chance to update your NRI status. This also works for an Indian who used to live in India and is now a citizen of another country.

Although it is not required, sometimes it is advised to change your address within the PAN department’s database. When they do this, the address is not printed on your PAN card. There is no address mentioned on the card itself. They use the address in their database for any further correspondence in the future.

The process for changing your address is the same process for applying for the duplicate/replacement PAN card. You will be given that same form. When you update your address, you have to fill up a duplicate PANcard application and the PAN department will update your address as well as send you out a duplicate PAN card. This will be their most recently updated card. You can replace your old PAN card with this new one when you receive it if you wish to.

When updating your address, you will have to provide all of the documents that you provided when applying for a new PAN card the first time. This includes two passport size photos, ID proof, an address proof and a copy of your PAN card. There are other ways of proving you have held a PAN card if you cannot get a copy. There is a place on the internet where you can print off everything you need. You will need to send these documents along with your duplicate or correction PAN card application to India. The government has mentioned their address online. You can send it directly to the government office or, for your convenience; you might want to apply through a broker online. An example of an online Pan Card broker would be It generally takes about 3 to 5 business days for your address to be updated with the IT department. They have a tracking system online where you can keep track of everything. Once your application is submitted, then it usually will take around 10 more business days to receive your new PAN card in the mail. The government sends your PAN card via India speed post when you are living in another country.

If you are living in the US, you will find this process a little bit easier because you are allowed to use the address page in your passport as an address proof document. This takes a lot of waiting time away because you do not have to search for an accepted document such as a bank statement or any other document that must be apostilled by the Secretary of State first.


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