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Monday, May 14, 2012

How to get PAN card in USA – United States of America?

Regardless of where you are residing, if you are a non resident Indian (NRI) or a person of Indian origin (PIO), you can apply for PAN (PermanentAccount Number). If you are looking to invest in India, you may need to furnish your PAN. This is an important number in India’s trading and banking circuits. To be on the safer side of Indian income tax laws, it is better to have a PAN.

Why do NRIs need PAN?
For NRIs, PAN is necessary to conduct transactions in India. To invest in stocks, the mention of this number is mandatory for Indian residents and non resident Indians alike. NRIs are required to pay tax on income generated from their investments in India. All such information is routed through the PAN.

Who helps NRIs in obtaining PAN when residing in countries such as USA?
Even if you are in the USA, there are special agencies that help you get your PAN. These are private PAN Card Agents that operate in many countries and help non resident Indians get PANs in addition to other services.

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PAN Card Agents are reliable tax consultants. They assist non resident Indians, overseas citizens of India and persons of Indian origin get PAN cards. By providing PAN related information and associated consultancy, such agents not only help Indians living abroad. They also help foreign nationals and foreign entities get their Permanent Account Number.
Getting the help of such agents is a better option if you are new to the PAN application process. Agents help you obtain the form, fill it up, and after verification, post it. All this is done online.
Before invoking the services of such agents, check if they have the backing of a government authorized agency.

What is PAN?
PAN is a ten digit alphanumeric number. The Income Tax Department disburses this number in the form of a laminated PAN card. The Income Tax Department tracks all transactions of PAN holders. All payments, tax deducted at source credits, income returns, and other financial correspondences are made via the PAN.

Incorrect perceptions about the PAN

PAN helps the government of India keep a watch on the citizens of the country.
This is not completely true. The objective of the PAN is to only link all transactions with the department for better record keeping. The PAN can also double up as an identification of nationality. This is on lines with the Social Security Number (SSN) in the USA.

After receiving the PAN, tax returns must be mandatorily filed.
Not true. You file tax returns only if you have taxable income above the exemption limit. Your taxable income should be generated in India.

How to apply for PAN through PAN agents
  • Download the PAN application form. Simply visit: to download the form from this private PAN agent.
  • Paste your passport sized photo to the application form. Provide your signature in the relevant spaces and as indicated by the markings (provided by the PAN agents). Don’t let your signatures overshoot the boundaries of the box.
  • Mail the scanned copies of the application form to the PAN agents. Send your complete address details.
  • The PAN agents peruse the application form and send feedback. You receive the rectified form and do the needful to ensure its correctness. You repost the application form with a backup copy.
  • The PAN agents take it from here. They track your PAN status and inform you on the same.
Now NRIs can invest in India and help their country obtain developmental capital. Given that PAN agents help NRIs get PAN in any part of the world, this process is more streamlined.


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