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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to get a PAN Card correction?

How to get correction in my pan card? Is this something you are asking. Well this is the right article for you. 

If you’ve just got your PAN card then you should definitely check it thoroughly because many a time pan cards have wrong details filled in. A “Mr.” becomes a “Ms.” and the like. These mistakes may seem really small, but they are not. This is simply because a PAN card is quite an important document and establishes your identity as an Indian even if you reside out of the country. It is therefore advisable that you get any mistakes- however minor- in your Pan card corrected.

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In many cases PAN card details need to be changed not because there has been any mistake, but because there is a change of marital status of a person. If an unmarried girl gets married, her details – status, address etc., change automatically. It is important that these changes are reflected in the PAN card as well. In these cases you need to apply for an altogether new PAN card. However if you have decided to shift base with your family then you don’t have to apply for a new Pan card, just ask to make changes in your existing one.

What Do I have To Do?

In order to get a new Pan card or make some changes to your PAN card number, you could look online. The internet is the best resource for this kind of thing and you can find a lot of useful information online which you can use to your advantage. You could even directly log on to the government site, located the required form, download it and fill it up and do the needful. Just ensure that you’re doing everything in a totally clean and legal manner.

Getting a new PAN number doesn’t come for free. You need to pay charges for this service. The form is available free of cost on the site, but one needs to pay a minimal processing fee of about seven hundred and seventeen Indian Rupees for this service. And that is without any taxes. When taxes are added, the amount increases further.

Suppose your PAN card is damaged and you are paying a visit back home and would like to apply for a new one, you need to get some legal documents as backup for this process. If you’ve lost your PAN card but luckily remember your number, this will work in your favor of course.

Filling Up Details

During the time of filling up details in the form, you need to be pretty careful. Make sure that all your attention is focused on the task at hand because even a small mistake can lead to major complications in future. It is advisable that you make every effort to be careful.

If you see that you have a requirement for necessary modifications in the form, just look to the left hand side for the little square shaped boxes. These boxes are basically there for you to change any details or information that you may have entered in the form. Ensure that you put in all the necessary personal details and particulars in the form.

If you have an old Pan card and want a new one for some reason, you will need to attach photos of the card, give personal identity proof, proof of the PAN number and of course furnish adequate proof of the residential address where you are staying at the moment. A must do is addition of a colour photograph which has been taken recently and of the dimensions 2.5 cm in the space provided. Lastly, give your form a once over and submit it!

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