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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why and How you must have a PAN Card Number online?

Pan card or the permanent account number card is something of prime importance. Its value is being realized slowly and steadily and it is extremely required nowadays for any kind of financial transactions. The tax department of the country is responsible for allotting this pan card to any particular individual. This is allotted for the purpose of identification of that individual and at the same time it becomes easy for the tax department to keep track of the transactions this person makes with the help of this pan card.

For any relevant year of assessment if you find that your basic income is exceeding the limit of exemption then you must apply for a pan card within 31st may of that very year. If the turn over or the gross receipts of any person exceeds the value of Rs. 500,000 and the charitable trusts which have been specified must apply for pan card before the accounting year comes to an end. The employers who file fringe benefits have the advantage. For them there is no strict time limit set and hence they can apply for pan card according to their own convenience. Read more >>

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