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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to get a PAN Card Online?

PAN stands for permanent account number, and it can be considered as a tax id number issued by the Income Tax Department of India. In this article I will focus on explaining how one can get a pan number from India, both offline and online along with the benefits of having such kind of a Indian tax id.

  1. The applicant should begin by considering the fact whether he is a Indian resident residing in India or a NRI - Non resident Indian living outside of India. Depending on these factors the application process and procedure varies.

  2. After finding out under which residential category he wants to apply, he then need to download the appropriate new pan application form called the FORM 49a which can be found over the internet easily.

  3. Once he the applicant has the form, he has to closely see what all information the government of India is asking him in order to issue him a pan number. Most of the documents would be: passport copy (identity proof), address proof (bank statement, utility bill, etc) and photographs.

  4. After he has all the right forms and supporting documents he can either go directly to the pan department's website or if he is a NRI he can take help of a representative assessee that can act as your pan broker or agent on your behalf in applying for a pan.

  5. Lastly, when your application is accepted by the government (PAN center) they will issue you a acknowledgment receipt bearing your pan tracking number with the help of which you can track the status of your pan application. If all documents are in place and the process goes right, you would receive the pan card at your premises within 10-15 working days.


The author of this article is an Investment Advisor. He work for a NRI, PIO and OCI focused financial broker company, that helps Indians living abroad to invest in Indian financial markets.

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