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Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is a PAN Card & why you need Permanent Account Number in India?

Lot of NRIs, PIOs & OCIs need to know why it is mandatory & necessary to have a PAN Card?

Yes it is important for even non resident Indians – NRIs to have a PAN CARD if one needs to invest in the Indian stock market (including shares & Indian mutual funds) & carry any kind of financial transaction in India. The Indian Share Market is currently doing very well and the Indian economy is expected to grow at 8% and above this year. Hence this is a very good time for investors to invest in the same.

Apply for a PAN card online through some private Brokers at:

Or you may directly try to find government PAN Service Centres in India. You have to allow at least 15 days for the PAN Card to be delivered to your foreign residence/address from the PAN centers. However if you have applied for and made payment through the Internet, your PAN may be allotted to you on priority and communicated to you via email. Later, you can also track your PAN status online. Read more >>

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