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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to know or find details of old PAN number?

One of the most frequent questions is How to know or find your old PAN number history? PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is a unique combination of numerical and alphabets which can be issued to everyone. PAN is always given out by Indian Income Tax Department with the support of Central Board for Direct Taxes. PAN is nearly equal to an identification number nationally. It also acts like a major ID proof in our daily lives.

A Good link that will help you in finding your old pan is:

In the United States of America, a Social Security Number is issued to the legal residents and citizens. Just the same is PAN number in India. It also helps in opening of a bank account, purchase and sale of assets and also in professional fees or getting taxable salaries. This is a permanent number issued to all. PAN numbers are issued to everyone according to the individual’s profile and background. Thus, you can understand the importance and need of a PAN number. There are numerous people who are not able to remember their old PAN number.

This can happen to anyone and have many reasons. Some of the reasons are lost card and do not remember the entire PAN number. So, there are several ways in which you can know or find your old PAN number. Remember it is very difficult to find your old PAN number in any case if it is lost. You should always take care of your PAN card. It becomes more hectic a job if you do not have any proof that a PAN card and number was allotted. So, the first way to know or find your old PAN number is to catch hold of a broker.

Brokers are very helpful and the best aid of help. You can seek their help and sort out your problem about old PAN number. They have varied sources which can help. Pay him a good amount of check after the work is done. This is one resolution. The second way is to go and talk to the same person who had issued your old PAN card. May be he can hold some connections and sources and let you know about your old PAN number. The third way is to check online. There are various brokers online as well. Online you will get many sites that can help.

Income Tax department has made a facility for its PAN card holders to check online find out your old PAN number. They have made it easy to remember your old PAN number. A form will be provided online and try to fill in the forms. This will help in retrieving of your old PAN number. This is another resolution to know or find your old PAN number. Another excellent idea is to write down the PAN number whenever issued. Keep it safe and handy. So, that in case your card is lost at least you can carry out your work with the number. This is your fifth resolution.

The sixth way to know or find your old PAN number is to directly walk in to the government office and sort out your problem. In this case also, you would require an ID proof along with a passport size photograph and also with an address proof. In another case, if you are a NRI or a passport holder in the foreign (OCI or PIO), then you can submit an application for a duplicate PAN card. You may not have an Indian resident address proof but still your old PAN card can be retrieved and revived. Thus, these are the best ways to know or find your old PAN number.

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