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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to apply for a duplicate PAN Card incase of lost PAN number?

This is also one of the most important questions is how to apply for a lost/duplicate PAN? There are number ways in which you can apply for a lost/duplicate PAN. Do you know what a PAN is? PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It consists of unique combination of alphabets and numbers which can be issued to everyone. PAN is always given by Indian Income Tax Department with the support of Central Board for Direct Taxes. PAN is nearly the same to an identification number nationally. It also acts like a major ID proof in our daily lives.

To begin you should visit:

In the United States of America, a Social Security Number is issued to the legal residents and citizens. Just the same is PAN number in India. It also helps in opening of a bank account, purchase and sale of assets and also in professional fees or getting taxable salaries. This is a permanent number issued to all. PAN numbers are issued to everyone according to the individual’s profile and background. Thus, you can understand the importance and need of a PAN number. This is very important for every Indian citizen.

The first and foremost way is to apply for a lost/duplicate PAN in the National Securities Depository Limited. They issue PAN cards whenever it is lost. You can submit an application in the National Securities Depository Limited. They will provide a form which you need to fill out carefully. You would require in submitting some of the documents along with the form. Firstly, fill up the acknowledgement slip. Then cheques/DD for the fee, xerox or photocopy of the lost PAN card, personal ID proof and also residence proof as well.

If National Securities Depository Limited gets all the above documents then it will take few days in retrieving back your lost/duplicate card. Second way is to go online and search for sites that can help in regarding this matter. There are numerous sites which can help. One of the sites is by the Income Tax department. They have made a facility for its PAN card holders to check online find out your old PAN number. They have made it easy to remember your old PAN number. A form will be provided online and try to fill in the forms. This will help in retrieving of your old PAN number.

Thirdly, you can seek help from a broker. Brokers have their own connections and sources. They can provide help in securing your old PAN card. Pay him a good amount of check after the work is done. Fourth way is to go and talk to the same person who had issued your old PAN card.

May be he can hold some connections and sources and let you know about your old PAN number. If you are a NRI or a foreign resident (OCI or PIO), then you can also apply for a lost/duplicate PAN. In case of this, you would require to provide some documents. PAN Card photocopy, passport size photograph, residential proof or any government document which contains your PAN card.

It takes 15 to 20 working days to receive another new PAN Card in your foreign address and 5 to 6 working days to reach in your Indian address. Lost/duplicate cards will be issued as soon as possible by Income Tax department of India. They know the importance of the PAN card. Make a colour photocopy of your PAN card and laminate. Use the laminated PAN Card and keep the original safe at home. Thus, these are some of the useful ways in which you can apply for a lost/duplicate PAN card.

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