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Monday, July 21, 2008

Why NRI need PAN?

Do you wish to invest in the third largest Asian market? Are you planning to have any kind of financial transaction in an economy whose GDP is close to 9%? If yes, then you need a Permanent Account Number (PAN) as per the new rules of both the Income Tax (I-T) Department and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). You may be a Resident Indian, a RNOR, or a non-resident (NRI, PIO or OCI), but to have any fiscal operation in India, especially if you plan to invest in the Indian Share Market, you need to get a PAN.

Nowadays, a typical PAN Card would look like a laminated ID card having your personal details and your unique ten digit alphanumeric code. While it takes a minimum of twenty and a maximum of thirty days for the authorities to issue you your PAN, you can get a TATKAL PAN by applying for the same online and paying for the same through a nominated credit card, again online. Please note that applications (online or offline) can be made ONLY on Form 49A, and irrespective of any change in your personal details, your PAN remains the same. Remember it’s a permanent number.

Having more than one PAN is an offence. Similarly, not having a PAN and still carrying out monetary/business deals is also an offence and you are accountable to pay Rs.10000 as fine.

Our clients often have a doubt: Do I need to pay tax since I have a PAN? No. Just because you have a PAN you need not pay tax, the contrary being true. In India, only only those whose income is generated from/within Indian Territory pay tax. Nonetheless, you can pay tax as it shows your credibility to the Government.

So all you have to do is fill up Form 49A, either online or offline (you may get hold of a broker in case you decide to go in for the latter), pay the ‘fees’, and voila! You get your PAN and are ready for any financial transaction. So go ahead and make money!


  1. Aditya,
    Thank you for this blog and the information provided. It is very helpful for us not just about PAN but all the other financial information.

  2. For a person of Indian Origin living in the U S,is it better/easier to apply through a broker or on line? In India they seem to be very particular about each entry on the form and I was wondering if there could be delays if there is any wrong entry when the form is submitted

  3. The easiest way to get a Indian PAN (permanent assessment number) is to apply for the same online and make the payment through a ‘nominated’ credit card. You will get a TATKAL PAN.

    Another hassle-free way is to contact a PAN Assistance Broker who will help you fill up the application form and will submit it on your behalf as your representative in India. PAN Assistance Brokers may be sought

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