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Monday, January 19, 2015

Form 15ca and 15cb filing process for remittance

If you wish to transfer funds from NRO to NRE account then chances are that you will be asked to submit a 15cb certificate and file form 15ca online. Basically, if you plan to remit funds out of India, or transfer money from your NRO to NRE account, or move between Indian and foreign bank accounts, then for sure you would be required to upload your 15ca form with a 15cb.

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No matter how simple this may sound, but the truth is that it’s hard for NRIs as well as Indian citizens to find complete information regarding them, in one single place.
So in this article my goal would be to provide you simple to understand literature that will tell you everything you need to know about “15 CA and 15 CB filing procedure”.

Who am I & why should you trust the info am providing?

My name is Aditya Sharma, and I am an expert in NRI matters here in the world’s first 'non-resident' financial firm, since 2007: AND a part of: (world’s 1st exclusive platform for NRIs). So, on a daily basis we come across 100s of non-residents who have issues relating to remittance, taxes and investments. Thus being in such a place, have made me acquainted with the mandatory NRI rules and paperwork, and 15ca/cb being one of them.

What will you learn from this piece of content?

A. What are these forms?

B. Why do you need them?

C. Where to download them & complete process to get them done!

So, let’s get started!

# What is form 15ca?

15CA form is a kind of an application, which is issued by the Income tax department of India via their NSDL unit.

# What is a 15cb certificate?

This certificate is a certified letter issued by an authorized chartered accountant (CA) in practise. Please be advised that it is compulsory to upload this to the Govt website, while you file 15ca form online. If you don’t accompany a 15cb form along with your 15ca, then your case would be rejected.

# Why are they required?

There are many instances, when a NRI or a citizen of India would need the above aforesaid documents:
1. If you wish to remit money outside India for any purpose.

2. If you want to transfer money from your NRO to NRE account, or from any of your NRI bank account to any international account.

3. If you intend to make payments to international service providers, and this can include paying your invoices.

# Required documents:

You would need to submit the below documents, in order to get your form 15ca processed:

a. 15cb certificate (which you can get it here:

b. PAN card copy.

c. Bank statements

d. TIN/TAN copy (only if you are a company)

e. Copy of invoices (only if you are a company)

# Where to download the forms,
AND what is the proper filing process?

Procedure to file a form 15ca along with 15cb can be very complex.
Hence, it’s always advised to take assistance from qualified CA, who will guide you step by step.

1st Step: Hire a qualified CA, that will prepare a 15cb certificate for you. Kindly keep in mind, that he will only issue this letter to you, after going through all your transactions and banking details. If he thinks it’s legitimate and satisfied only then, he would charge you a certain fee to draft such a letter. The fee for this kind of service could vary from Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000.

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2nd Step: You can then ask him to file ‘15 ca’ form online on your behalf OR you can do it yourself manually by going to the NSDL website. This must be supplemented with a ‘15 cb’. But please make sure that there are no mistakes while filling the 15ca form, if you opt to fill and upload it yourself. That is why I ask you to hire an expert.

3rd Step.  The Govt checks your uploaded documents and processes your case. You can then print the receipts and send it to your banker along with the copies of your 15ca and original 15cb. The banker will go through your documents, and send a copy to the RBI head office. And finally, in a day or two your remittance or fund transfer process would be initiated.